>> Lucy Liu’s Directorial Debut on Human Trafficking <<

Oh, and I almost forgot! I watched a really, really good short film today directed by Lucy Liu called “Meena.” I encourage everyone to take just 20 minutes of your time to watch this short film, which is based on the first chapter of the book “Half The Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide,” which I also recommend to read! This is exactly the kind of trafficking and oppression that the organization I am interning with this summer, Dalit Freedom Network USA, works to eliminate through promotion of education and social justice in India. It is a tough film to watch, but it touches on just one instance of a very prevalent issue going on still today in Indian society, and all over the world as well. In my opinion, human, and especially child, sexual trafficking is a serious issue that more people need to become aware of so it can be eliminated.

The film is embedded in NYT article written by Liu and one of my favorite paragraphs says, “We can’t back down when we hear “No, it’s too much.” We can’t give up when they say “Stop, it could be offensive.” We have to continually remind ourselves to push ahead for those who need a voice. Children need a voice when they can’t speak for themselves. Let’s not give up when meaningful change is possible and actually happening. Together we can help end violence, and protect children and their families.”

Educate yourself & spread the word!



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