Week 2 and 3 @ DFN

So I meant to do this Saturday afternoon and it completely slipped my mind! Today is the first day of my third week here at DFN and I am loving the experience!

So I’ve found out that summer mailings for sponsors is going to be one of the major projects I am going to be working on during my time here. It is a time consuming task and it seems like there should be a way to streamline the process but I understand that it would probably require an expensive software upgrade for that to be possible. So no complaints here! I have been using eTapestry to do that project. It is the main program through which everything for DFN is organized. It’s a pretty cool program and I think the knowledge of it will be helpful in the future. I have also been in charge of opening and cataloguing letters that are mailed through the post to the DFN office in D.C. I finished scanning all of the summer letters onto our shared drive and spent a whole afternoon sticking stickers on brochures that corrected the prices of sponsoring a child. Apparently they had printed a ton of these brochures and then the price went up from $28/month to $30/month and instead of reprinting they just printed stickers that I had to go through and stick to each one. So of course there is still some of the “menial” intern tasks to be done. But how I look at it, and the way I explained it to Kim, the pastor of the church I am attending this summer at after church lunch this past Sunday, there is limited staff here in the office. If I can take care of some of the menial, time consuming tasks that they would normally have to take care of, then that frees up these people, who are more skilled and/or knowledgeable than me to take care of “more important” or pressing issues.

There is actually a good amount of excitement going on in the DFN office at any given point in time. Last week, for instance, we had an issue with rats/mice that they had to call an exterminator in for. Apparently it had been a persistent problem but it seems to be fixed now! (Thank God) and then one day we had a new refrigerator delivered to the office and then a big issue has been that a box of letters coming from India to the U.S. has gone missing or has been misplaced. The postal service has receipt of delivery apparently, but we only received 4/5 boxes and online it says that they got someone at the front desk here to sign for the package. Except, we don’t have a front desk. So we’re kind of confused about what happened there, but it is pretty important that either way we find the box or we will have to have all of the letters rewritten and resent which will take quite a while.

Thursday was the USA v. Germany World Cup match and my supervisor said that the office was allowed to take an extended lunch to finish watching the game. So my and Bullaii who also works in the office walked to Chipotle and got lunch and then came back and watched the game with everyone. It was really cool! Yesterday was the USA v. Belgium game, which I didn’t take sides on because one is my home country and the other is where I recently got back from for study abroad. Belgium ended up winning.

This weekend is Independence Day and I’m pretty excited to be spending it in the nation’s capitol! I have a feeling it is an experience like no other. I plan on watching the fireworks from the Mall on Friday night. Last night, I met up with my friend and Juniata alum, Megan Russell at Bua Thai Restaurant in Dupont Circle. It was really great to catch up with her! Funny story actually, my first weekend here, my housemate Jackson and I went out on Saturday night on U Street and since we didn’t really know which bars were cool and not we just went to some random ones. So went into one and Jackson ordered a drink and I went to the bathroom. They only had one bathroom so there was a little line and I was waiting there and a random guy comes up beside me and says “Well while we’re waiting, might as well make small talk. Where are you from?” And I said “Western PA.” And he said, “Oh, I am actually about to meet a friend here, we go to school together now but she did her undergrad in PA. You probably have never heard of the school. It’s called Juniata College.” And I just stared and was like “No way, that’s my college.” And he was like, “Oh so maybe you know her, her name’s Megan Russell.” And I said, “Yes I know her! We went to El Salvador with Habitat for Humanity together!” So Megan showed up shortly thereafter and it was just a VERY “small world” moment. Crazy how things like that happen.

Also, in my spare time here I have been taking advantage of a lot of free fitness classed offered at Yard’s Park. It’s beautiful down there. I do Boot Camp classes on Monday and Wednesday, Yoga on Tuesday, Zumba on Thursday, and yoga in Georgetown on Saturday mornings. I have also gotten into doing a lot of yard work at the house I am staying at in College Park. I really enjoy it, but I have some serious mosquito bites covering my legs because of it. Anyways, that’s updates for now! Until next time… 🙂



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