Life at DFN Last Week

First of all, what a fun weekend! I had friends from school come stay with me and we met up with other JC’ers Saturday night and all went out in Dupont Circle. Too much fun!

Tomorrow I’m going to wake up and go volunteer at Martha’s Outfitters on U Street. It’s a thrift store where I’ve been volunteering on Mondays and Tuesdays for something to do. I really like it actually, but I have a new appreciation for retail workers. I could see how it could get annoying to continually be straightening up the store only for shoppers to come in and leave everything in wrong places, etc.

Anyways! Work was good this past week. I worked on my same summer mailing project and also had to update a list of sponsored and unsponsored children from each different school in India and that took quite a while. Also, I created an inventory of all of the t-shirts and different Indian goods that we had in the office. The missing box mystery is still unsolved. Still so confused about that one! This past Friday, I actually didn’t have to go into work because there was administrative meetings all day and Liliya told me I could have the day off which was pretty cool! So I did some cleaning and took the dogs I was dog sitting to the dog park and went to the grocery store and then at night me, my housemate Jackson, our friend Seth, and Jackson’s friend from home, David, drove to Baltimore to see The Neon Trees live! I also really liked the openers which was a pretty new band called Smallpools.

This week I am working Tuesday, Thursday, Friday instead of my normal Wednesday, Thursday, Friday because on Wednesday I am attending Make Progress National Summit 2014 hosted by Generation Progress! I found out about it through an intern network group I am in on Facebook and I think it is going to be a really great experience. And it’s free so that’s a plus! Here’s a link to the website about the event.

Also, check out the list of speakers:

Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
Filmmaker Andrew Rossi
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)
Sec. of Labor Thomas Perez
Vice President of the United States Joe Biden
Sen. Chris Murphy(D-CT)
More to come…

Uhm, the vice president of the United States is going to be there! That’s kind of a big deal to me!! Plus Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren are badass women in power so it will be an honor to be in their presence.

And other unexspected awesome news is that, originally, my internship was supposed to be unpaid. Which, isn’t the best…but I dealt with it because I thought it would be a great experience and I really wanted to do an internship in DC this summer. But just last Thursday, my supervisor called me into her office to tell me that she had been telling her higher up about the great work I have been doing and her higher up told Liliya to tell me that they are going to cut me a check at the end of my time here. I don’t know how much it will be for, nor do I really care since even $1 would be more then the $0 I am making now! So that was pretty cool and it will help pay for my rent at the beginning of the year hopefully.

One last thing.

Check out this article recently posted on the New York Times website about a recent incident in India involving a young Dalit girl who was raped in retribution for her brother’s actions. Yet another example of why the work of DFN is so critical for Dalit justice.


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