Happy August!

I am currently writing from my home in Windber, PA after a weird turn of events regarding my internship that I mentioned in my previous post. I am going to be finishing this internship remotely, which is okay because the major project I have been working on all summer has been through an online database and shared drive online, all of which I can do from my laptop here at home. And now I’m saving some money from not paying rent in D.C. and I’ve gotten to spend the past week catching up with high school friends and spending time with my family so it’s been really nice. I was sad to leave D.C. and especially my roommate Jackson whom I became very close with but it is always nice to be home since I am usually on the go. If nothing else, this curve ball thrown at me in the middle of my internship experience is a good lesson/practice in flexibility. I also think it’s a unique learning experience to work remotely because it takes a different kind of discipline to get your work done just like you would going into the office on a normal day.

Anyways, it was hectic in the D.C. office this week with the move and everything so I am just being patient with that. Nothing really new to report on this week though. Til next time!


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